Locking slides for kiosks

view of kiosk that uses Accuride 9308 heavy duty locking slides for maintenance and repair access.
The latest kiosk designs from D & K Engineering of San Diego, California are using Accuride’s telescopic slides.

Kiosks contain heavy machinery that needs to be accessed for maintenance and repair. For one project the machinery chassis was mounted on a pair of locking DZ9308-E4 heavy duty slides. These slides lock the chassis fully closed and open using an easy-to-reach latch on the front of the slide.

The 9308 can also be paired with a non-locking 9301 and additional brackets can be used to offer versatile mounting options.

Stay closed feature

Other kiosk designs have included Accuride’s DZ3832-SC self-closing slides for medium loads. This feature pulls the drawer fully closed and stops it from bouncing or rolling open. For a higher closing force the 3832HDSC can be used.

D & K Engineering chose our slides for their rigidity, appropriate size and features. We were also able to supply stock according to their lead times and this worked well with their production schedule.

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