Heavy Duty Two-Way Travel Slide

Slide Code: 6026

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The 6026 slide is a specially-designed piece of hardware from Accuride. With two-way part extension from a centred point, the 6026 offers high-performance travel in two directions for where you need it most: from kitchen islands and entertainment bars to emergency vehicles and luxury RVs.

  • Tested to 80,000 cycles.
  • 12.5mm slide thickness.
  • Two-way travel part-extension slides.

For two slides side mounted 450mm apart, the maximum load rating is 100kg. For any other configuration, please ask one of our technical team for further advice. This slide can also be flat-mounted, in which case the slide will have a maximum load rating of 25kg.

  • Load rating up to 100kg (80,000 cycles)
  • 75% extension
  • 12.5mm slide thickness


For information about possible options for this slide, please contact us.


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