Anti-tilt Drawer Slide with Interlock Option (100kg)

Slide Code: 5343

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Complete with full extension for hard-to-reach stored items and suitable for drawers up to 1000mm wide, the 5343 multi-drawer slide is ideal for a variety of applications, including emergency services vehicles and industrial storage. The anti-tilt technology and interlock feature makes the 5343 the ultimate slide for heavy duty fixtures in which sizeable weight shifts may cause tipping to occur.

  • Supports loads up to 100kg.
  • 19.1mm slide thickness.
  • Slides sold individually.

The interlock system limits drawer movement to only one drawer at a time, guaranteeing longevity and operator safety. The hold-in feature of the slide also prevents any undesired movement, ensuring the drawers are only opened when an external force is applied. This slide can be installed in pairs of 5343s or can be paired with the 5344. An optional locking kit is also available.

  • Load rating up to 100kg
  • 100% extension
  • 19.1mm slide thickness
  • Suitable for drawers up to 1000mm wide
  • Slides sold singly
  • Can be used on both sides of drawer or with companion slide 5344
  • Hold-in
  • Optional lock kit    


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