Heavy Duty Drawer Slide with Bracket

Slide Code: 5321-60

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The 5321 is the perfect solution for fixtures in commercial kitchens and industrial or outdoor cabinetry that is exposed to the elements due to its specially-engineered corrosion-resistant hardware. A stainless steel slide, the 5321 has L-shaped brackets and a load rating of 120kg.

  • 100+% extension.
  • 20.7mm slide thickness.
  • Brackets on drawer member for bottom mounting.

The beneficial qualities of this slide don’t stop there, though, as the 5321 also has a hold-in detent that eliminates drawer roll-out or bounce-back, and has over-extension in order to make all of the goods stored in the drawer fully accessible.

  • Load rating up to 120kg
  • 100%+ extension
  • 20.7mm slide thickness
  • Brackets on drawer member for bottom mounting
  • Hold-in
  • Please refer to 2D CAD drawings for dimensional tolerances


For information about possible options for this slide, please contact us.

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