Heavy Duty Push-to-Open Drawer Slide

Slide Code: 3832HDTR

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Ease meets reliability with the 3832HDTR push-to-open drawer slide, specially engineered for demanding environments and applications that may require or additionally benefit from a touch-release option. This touch-operated hardware which requires an activation force of 35N, combined with the hold-in feature, keeps the drawer closed until required even in transit, making it suitable for use in RVs, utility vehicles and even watercraft. 

  • Supports loads up to 45kg.
  • Front-disconnect feature.
  • 12.7mm slide thickness.

Removing the need for knobs or handles on drawers, this slide contributes to a sleek, seamless effect on armoires, kitchen cabinets and offices while also increasing hygiene and safety. The mechanism opens drawers approximately 50mm – 125mm from its closed position and the front-disconnect makes assembly and/or removal as easy as possible.

  • Touch release - push drawer front to open or close
  • Opens drawers approximately 50mm - 125mm from the closed position
  • Activation force: 35N
  • Load rating up to 45kg
  • Stay-closed feature
  • 100% extension
  • 12.7mm slide thickness
  • Front disconnect
  • Hold-in
  • Cam drawer adjust
  • Please refer to 2D CAD drawings for dimensional tolerances


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