Custom Design


Not every sliding application problem can be solved by using an off-the-shelf telescopic or linear motion slide.

Our engineering designers will work closely with you to find the right type of sliding system to address your particular challenge. We can use our standard slide components and add features - or we can develop a totally bespoke sliding system for you.

Innovation in the design of sliding systems

Over the years, we have designed some fascinating sliding systems based on telescopic ball bearing technology.

We are quick to embrace innovation, and actively seek to develop new systems and processes that will allow us to improve our products and give added value to our customers. Our expertise allows us to put new ideas into practice quickly and efficiently, finding creative, innovative approaches to tackle fresh applications in a wide variety of sectors.

Expert slide design

European Sales Director Jim Armstrong says: 'We put together groups with people from both sales and engineering to work on projects for customers.'

Jim Armstrong 'Our aim is to take the pain away from customers – to solve their problems for them.'

Case studies

Don’t just take our word for it. See some of the surprising ways that sliding systems can be applied. We will continue to add more stories to cover as many applications as possible.
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Slide designs for automotive industry

An example of a product that Accuride has successfully developed is what we term the 'wide slide' for automotive armrests and consoles. 'Wide slide' designs are under development for several car makers and other applications. Accuride's blue sky thinking about new automotive applications is now centred on the vehicle boot, offering the potential for further growth in Accuride's business in the automotive sector.
> Market sectors: Automotive

Kitchen applications

Another area of rapid growth at present is kitchen appliances. Top-of-the-range ovens, for example, are now fitted with sliding shelves so that cooks can take hot dishes out without the risk of burning themselves on the hot interior of the oven.
> Market sectors: Domestic appliances

01 / 02 view of Jim Armstrong at an Accuride presentation.
02 / 02 view of a custom designed slide by Accuride on a white background.