Accuride launches new microwave oven-compatible telescopic slide

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Accuride becomes the first company to offer a slide for all four combi oven functions: baking, pyrolytic cleaning, steaming and microwaving 

Diez, Germany September 2019 – Accuride International, one of the leading manufacturers of telescopic ball bearing slides, has developed a microwave oven-compatible telescopic slide, making it the first manufacturer to offer a ball bearing telescopic slide with 100% and 75% extension, which is suitable for all combi oven functions: baking, pyrolysis, steaming and now microwaving as well. The slide’s patented technology means that no toxic fumes are emitted from lubricants. The slide is also maintenance-free, extremely durable and dishwasher-safe.

As our living spaces become ever smaller and more expensive, the demands placed on technical appliances also increase. Appliances have to adapt to the changes in our living standards, meaning they have to become smaller and take up less space. As a result, all-in-one appliances are gaining in popularity. One example of such a space-saving household appliance is a combi oven. Particularly suited to small kitchens, combi ovens perform the roles of several appliances which would otherwise take up a great deal of space. In addition to the known modes of operation such as convection, top heat, bottom heat and grilling, ovens now also offer the possibility of steaming, include a built-in microwave function or are self-cleaning. As a result, the challenges faced by the slides used in these combi ovens are extremely demanding. For example, slides destined for use in a pyrolytic oven have to be extremely heat-resistant, since these ovens feature special programmes for cleaning at extremely high temperatures.

With its new microwave oven-compatible telescopic slide, Accuride has developed a solution which is suitable for all ovens. The patented slide can be used both in ovens featuring steaming and pyrolytic functions, and now in ovens which have a built-in microwave function. “Accuride has mastered the key challenges in the development of such a slide, meaning that the development of considerable heat and possible sparking are now a thing of the past when using Accuride’s microwave slides,” say the inventors Andreas Heffel and Philipp Krebs.

“With our new microwave oven-compatible telescopic slide, we are the first company to offer its customers and partners a single solution for all four combi oven functions. We are therefore responding to the increased demands placed on today's household appliances,” comments Laurent Trémolières, Chief Operating Officer of Accuride Europe.


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Accuride International:

Accuride International is one of the world’s leading specialist manufacturers of telescopic slides. The company has been developing and manufacturing telescopic slides and ball bearing linear slides since 1962. The products are used in an extremely wide variety of industries, for example in household appliances, in car interiors and many other industries. Following its establishment in the USA, Accuride has undergone considerable growth and now boasts production facilities in Mexico, China, Germany and Japan.

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