Accuride launches new pyrolytic-compatible oven rail


Reduced emissions in the self-cleaning oven thanks to patented design: spherical graphite instead of grease

10th September 2018 – Never scrub the oven again and don't worry about emissions! Accuride International, one of the leading manufacturers of telescopic extension slides, will launch the second generation of Fullpyro, a pyrolytic-compatible telescopic extension slide, in September 2018. The patented rail uses an innovative technology with a solid graphite lubricant and is currently the only rail available for pyrolytic ovens that does not release any detectable emissions after initial heating. The use of this technology also makes it maintenance free and extremely durable. In addition, the Fullpyro is suitable for the dishwasher.

"With over fifty years of design experience, we have unique expertise in the field of telescopic extension rails. This has enabled us to develop the special pyrolytic-compatible oven rail, which has never been available on the market in this form before and offers users decisive advantages," says Laurent Trémolières, Managing Director of Accuride.

Pyrolytic ovens have special programs for cleaning by heat. During pyrolytic process by heating the oven to very high temperatures – up to 500 degrees Celsius – impurities are burned away inside the oven. There is no need for tedious manual cleaning, or the use of chemicals with “oven sprays”. However, only few internal parts are so heat resistant and can remain in the oven at this extremely high temperature during cleaning. Therefore, most oven rails need to be removed from the oven before the cleaning process starts and be cleaned separately by hand. Accuride is now changing this with the Fullpyro. Thanks to the innovative technology, the rails can also be cleaned during the pyrolytic process of the oven.


Maintenance free due to solid lubricant

The Fullpyro is the only pyrolytic rail without grease as lubricant. It does not require re-greasing and is therefore maintenance free. Instead, Accuride uses a solid lubricant made of spherical graphite elements. A special ball cage geometry has been developed in which balls and graphite elements generate optimal friction and thus ensure consistently good lubrication over the entire service life. As a result, the rail runs very quietly and easily. Even after many cleaning processes, the Fullpyro remains smooth in its running characteristics. Due to the solid lubricant used, the user does not have to fear contamination by lubricating grease when removing the ash after the cleaning process, unlike other conventional pyrolytic rails.

Less odours, no detectable emissions and no manual cleaning

Due to the technology used, fewer odours are produced during the initial commissioning, which would otherwise be caused by grease evaporation in the rails. After the first cleaning cycle, the Fullpyro is free of detectable emissions. A test by the Technical Control Board TÜV has confirmed that formaldehydes or toxic gases no longer occur after initial operation during the pyrolytic clean.

The Fullpyro is also the only pyrolytic rail that is suitable for the dishwasher. Depending on the degree of contamination, small amounts of dirt may still be present in the gaps after pyrolysis. In this case, the Fullpyro can be cleaned quickly and easily in the dishwasher. The last small dirt in the interior of the rail is completely removed. There is no need for separate manual cleaning.

Telescopic rails for ovens are well suited to pull heavy loads, such as heavy cast iron roasters or baking pans, out of the oven very easily. Accuride's stable rails hold heavy loads securely and make baking trays or grates easily accessible. An extendable rail, such as the Fullpyro, is also very user friendly in pyrolytic ovens. It can be used in all pyrolytic oven models available on the market, depending on the OEM. The use of our technology can also bring advantages for manufacturers and, for example, lead to fewer customer complaints, as customers no longer have to pay attention to removing the rail before the cleaning process. Miele is one of the first OEMs to use Fullpyro in its pyrolytic oven models.

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