Telescopic oven runners are the perfect partner for pyrolytic ovens

Technology has come so far in the last few years with smart features becoming an integral part of the kitchen. Some manufacturers are starting to introduce Wi-Fi-enabled appliances and others are releasing ovens that can be controlled via Amazon’s Alexa.

While those ovens are out of reach for many, pyrolytic ovens have become more affordable and more common. The extremely hot environment of pyrolytic ovens can pose a problem for telescopic oven slide mechanisms and consumers shouldn’t have to decide between the safety of extendable oven rails and the simplicity of a pyrolytic oven.

It can be difficult for consumers to find an oven on the market that offers the perfect solution to both problems. A lot of other telescopic slides in pyrolytic ovens on the market still use a greasy substance or paste to keep the rails moving. This grease can burn at the extremely high temperatures during a pyro cycle of up to 500C. Not only can this produce harmful gases, it can also increase the friction between the moving parts and reduce the quality of movement. Consumers who wanted a sliding oven shelf were often forced to compromise, missing out on the benefits of a pyrolytic oven.

At Accuride, we love to find solutions and that is why our telescopic pyrolytic oven rails are capable of performing to the highest standards.

The secret to our latest innovative slides are the solid graphite inserts which provide a lubrication film that is constantly replenished. Not only does this mean that the slides can withstand the intense heat of a pyro cycle, it also means that they are dishwasher suitable, perfect for a quick clean.

Pyrolytic ovens are available for less than £350, making them very affordable and as word spreads about the benefits of pyrolytic, they are becoming much more popular. As technology and efficiency increases, the cost of a pyro cycle is continuously falling and a 90-minute cycle can now be done for as little as 30p. Starting a pyro cycle is effortless and the ease of wiping away the ash is a world away from buying expensive cleaning products and spending hours scrubbing, potentially damaging the oven and breathing in dangerous fumes. Pyrolytic ovens aren’t just great at saving time, they can also save a lot of money compared to professional cleaning, considering that ovens should be cleaned once per month.

Telescopic slides for ovens are a saviour for kitchen users as they can slide heavy food out of the oven without the dangers of trying to balance extremely hot trays. Accuride’s slide designs are perfect for holding heavy meats and allow the user to tend to the dish in the safest way possible as the sturdy slides hold the tray steady.

Accuride’s pyrolytic oven slides can already be found on Miele’s latest pyrolytic ovens and most high-end domestic appliance manufacturers already use Accuride slides on non-pyrolytic ovens. Our customers rely on our world-renowned exceptional quality in design, build quality and engineering.

Our extendable pyrolytic oven runners are built with the highest accuracy ensuring that they don’t rattle even after thousands of uses and reduces the possibility of them rolling freely, even with heavy trays. Our superior surface finish is instantly recognisable as high-quality, so consumers know that they are getting a first-class product every time they open the oven.

We believe that our telescopic pyrolytic oven slides speak for themselves so come and see and feel the difference in quality for yourself and experience the luxury of our products. Not only are all of our telescopic slides developed by our experienced engineers to the highest accuracy, we can also make them to manufacturers’ specific requirements and work in conjunction with them to come up with innovative movement solutions.

As homes adapt to the future with more advanced features and gadgets making their way onto the shelves, which smart feature would you like to see in your kitchen?

Photograph courtesy Miele

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