Going Ape with Albert Jagger

When our UK sales manager, Justin Roe, wanted to get in touch with his inner wild side and make a day out for the sales engineers and marketing manager at our Midlands based distribution partner, Albert Jagger, then Go Ape! seemed a good choice.

‘Agility’ is certainly one of the business buzzwords of the moment. I think that Justin may have stretched the meaning to his own purposes – but any excuse for a day out. And there are real benefits in getting closer to our distributors. We rely on their enthusiasm for our products to sell them effectively. Justin knows that having a close relationship makes all the difference and it means that communication lines are open and honest.

So off they went to the nearest Go Ape! forest adventure to have outdoor exercise, fun and adventure; a bit like Tarzan in the jungle, only in England!

For several hours our intrepid heroes climbed trees, flew down zip wires, leapt off the Tarzan swing and walked (very cautiously) over bridges. All while enjoying the breathtaking scenery of Cannock Chase’s forest. It all gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘hanging out together’.

Mark Lewis, Albert Jagger’s marketing manager, sums the day up for us, "A great mix of fun, fear and adrenaline!  A brilliant team building experience which brought out the best (and worst) in everyone . . I swear I heard Justin whimper at one point. There were a few funny walks the next day but everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves thanks to Justin and the team at Accuride International."

Receiving their completion certificates, from left to right, are:
Rob Jacombs, Matt Brown, Justin Roe, Mark Lewis, Mark Curtis

Accuride Europe and Albert Jagger holding up Yes! I have gone APE! certificates

Albert Jagger Ltd is a long established manufacturer & distributor of industrial hardware to engineers, bodybuilders & associated industries.