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22 August 2019

Accuride launches new microwave oven-compatible telescopic slide

Press release Accuride becomes the first company to offer a slide for all four combi oven functions: baking, pyrolytic cleaning, steaming and microwaving Diez, Germany September 2019 – Accuride International, one of the leading...

14 November 2018

Is turkey the only thing you need in oven this Christmas?

To find out more about the secrets of cooking with Accuride, go to theNovember Issue 7of "Breakthrough Magazine" page 14-16

10 September 2018

Accuride launches new pyrolytic-compatible oven rail

PRESSRELEASE Reduced emissions in the self-cleaning oven thanks to patented design: spherical graphite instead of grease 10th September 2018 – Never scrub the oven again and don't worry about emissions! Accuride...

03 August 2018

What’s cooking at Accuride?

Not only the weather is getting hotter! “Industry Europe” tells a story about new and heat resistant developments here at Accuride Europe. Read more to find...

27 February 2018

Gorenje and Accuride: a partnership

Accuride has been supplying telescopic oven rails to Gorenje, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of domestic appliances, for over twenty years. During that time Accuride and Gorenje have worked together on developing slides that...

01 December 2017

Teleskopschienen sind der perfekte Partner für Pyrolyse-Backöfen

Die Technologie hat sich in den letzten Jahren in großen Schritten weiterentwickelt und intelligente Funktionen werden zunehmend zum festen Bestandteil von Küchen. Verschiedene Hersteller bieten inzwischen Küchengeräte...

28 November 2017

Telescopic oven runners are the perfect partner for pyrolytic ovens

Technology has come so far in the last few years with smart features becoming an integral part of the kitchen. Some manufacturers are starting to introduce Wi-Fi-enabled appliances and others are releasing ovens that can be controlled via...

02 October 2017

Accuride's access solutions in countless applications and markets

Recently Accuride UK was pleased to host Neal Mead, editor of "Automation" magazine. Our sliding systems can be found in almost every situation in life - at home, work and leisure, from hot ovens to factory machine guards to...

01 September 2017

9301 slides – for the heavier bear

The average grizzly bear weighs 272 kg - a perfect fit for the new 9300 range Accuride wanted to strengthen this slide range for today’s tougher applications. That is why we have increased the material gauge for both the inner and...

22 March 2017

Friction guides made easy with Accuride’s engineering excellence

Accuride® International, the leading global manufacturer of telescopic slides and sliding systems has turned its engineering and design expertise to friction guides. Unlike a telescopic slide which utilises ball bearings for smooth...