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Cabinet slides for shopfitting and retail displays

The smooth and efficient movement of retail displays and storage drawers is important not only for the feel and quality of the environment, but also for health and safety reasons.

Accuride cabinet slides make life easier for both the shop interior designer and the shopfitter.

Our wide range of slide profiles, lengths, features and finishes are suitable for almost all design applications, and various disconnect and bracket mounting options make them quick and easy to install. For larger volumes, our engineers can work with designers to produce bespoke profiles and finishes.

Functions include:

Touch-release or push-to-open

Allows drawers to be opened using gentle pressure to the front, with no need for handles or knobs that could cause snag or bump hazards.


Pulls drawers closed without slamming, and ensures that no drawers are left ajar.

Full and over travel telescopic cabinet slides

Allows drawers to extend further for full access to the contents with smooth, quiet movement.

Electronic locking slide

Provides security, and can give a signal if drawers are left open or unlocked.

Cabinet slide options:

  • Bayonet fixing for metal applications (including ladder strips for mounting into wooden cabinets)
  • Mounting brackets
  • Zinc, white or black finishes
  • Specialist sliding systems for pocket doors, TV swivels and lifts, media/electronic equipment access
  • Corrosion-resistant slides, including stainless steel and lightweight aluminium
  • Food grade grease

To find out how these products have helped solve problems in shopfitting and retail display, read the case studies below.

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easygoinc & Accuride Means Happy Campers

Austrian company easygoinc was born in 2012, designing longboards using sustainably sourced Zirbe, or stone pine, which grows in the woodland areas surrounding the Alps region. Not only does the company...

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easygoinc & Accuride Means Happy Campers

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