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Soft-close drawer runners for domestic and office furniture

The quiet and smooth operation afforded by soft-close drawer runners has become a popular feature in kitchen drawers, but our runners can be used in a much wider range of applications.

As well as providing gentle, controlled movement, Accuride soft-close drawer runners add significant strength and stability, making them ideal for heavy duty (up to 100kg) and wide drawer (up to 1000mm) storage and access.

Our range of runners enables designers to add soft-close and other user-friendly features throughout the home and office, and include:


A gentle press on the drawer front releases the drawer and propels it outward, eliminating the need for knobs or handles.


Returns drawers to the closed position, maximising space in the surrounding environment.

Two-way travel

Allows access from both sides of the application.

Pocket door slides

Increasingly used to hide kitchens in studio flats, but can also be mounted as a drop down door for media centres.


Either mechanical or motorized, they can be used for TV or computer screens, and also to store items such as kitchen utensils, which rise from work-surfaces.


An interlock slide stops all the drawers being opened at the same time, preventing the cabinet from tipping over.

Electronic locking

Sliding hardware with an integrated electronic lock secures drawers, doors and other openings.

To understand how our drawer runners can deliver innovative solutions to storage and access problems, see our case histories below.

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