Industrial storage

The intense nature of an industrial environment means storage solutions need to cater for a wide variety of shapes and sizes, as well as able to withstand heavy objects and heavy-handed use.

Accuride is able to provide a range of full and overextension ball bearing slides which can be used in even the most demanding applications. Each of the slides retains full strength even when completely extended, offering ideal performance within any production or testing facility. Accuride places great importance on maintaining unrivalled functionality within the workplace, delivering effective and space-saving solutions for companies across the world.

Additional features are able to be integrated into the slide design, including a number of advanced locking options. Both lock-in or lock-in and lock-out variations are available, each designed to handle heavy-duty requirements. All of Accuride’s off-the-shelf offerings include engineering-grade materials and lightweight designs to maximise efficiency within any industry. Each unit has been extensively tested to deliver optimal industrial performance, having been tested for up to 80,000 dynamic cycles.

The high-usage and high-quality features of our ball-bearing slides makes them ideal for tool storage, industrial warehousing, shop floors and display cabinets.

“Each of the slides retains full strength even when completely extended, offering ideal performance within any production, testing or laboratory facility”


Key features:

  • Features include a disconnect function for intuitive and easy installation, repairs and cleaning
  • Stainless steel or corrosion resistant coatings ideal for demanding medical or industrial applications
  • A multitude of fixing options for unrivalled convenience and utility
  • A range of custom options are available to suit all needs
  • Brackets and mountings for easy integration into facilities


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