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Full extension slides for maximum access in industrial storage

Accuride’s full extension slides open to the complete length of the slide, and with the addition of over-travel they can even open beyond their length. This increased travel enables a greater range of movement and access in industrial storage applications, including:

  • General storage drawers
  • Tool boxes
  • Laboratory furniture
  • Medical cabinets
  • IT enclosures
  • Stillages
  • Warehousing

Available off-the-shelf in load ratings that range from very heavy-duty industrial usage to compact and lightweight designs, our full extension slides are manufactured to the highest standards of engineering and have each been tested over 10,000 dynamic cycles.

Accuride’s full extension slides can incorporate further useful features, including:

  • Rugged locking handle kits, with the option of just lock-in or lock-in and lock-out, are ideal for heavy duty drawers and for drawers in vans where it is important they stay closed.
  • Integrated locks.
  • A disconnect function enables quick and effortless access for installation, repairs and cleaning.
  • Stainless steel or corrosion resistant coating for medical/chemical use.
  • A variety of fixing options for added convenience and utility.

To find out more about how our full extension slides can maximise access in industrial storage, read our case histories below.

Case studies...

Into the wild - Accuride's 9308 used in camping trailer

Watch the video from camper trailer manufacturer 'Into the Wild Overland' to see how clever use of Accuride's 9308 heavy duty locking slide is used to mount their equipment.

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Into the wild - Accuride's 9308 used in camping trailer

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