Emergency services vehicles

In the emergency services, reliability is of the utmost importance. Ambulance, police and fire services require effective and consistent products to deliver the service they need, capable of performing in even the most demanding environments.

At Accuride, we have worked closely with fire and rescue vehicle manufacturers to provide enclosures and fixings for vital safety equipment. With a range of heavy-duty aluminium slides and lock-in lock-out systems, Accuride can ensure that each of our access and movement systems fully conforms to safety standards. We specifically create each emergency service slide to offer unrivalled performance where it counts, ensuring that all equipment is easily accessible during deployment.

With slide-and-tilt and locking handle variations available, Accuride strives to deliver a completely versatile solution for a range of fire and rescue services. In addition to our extensive stock options, Accuride is also able to offer an in-depth custom service, producing bespoke products for a multitude of different applications. Accuride works closely with emergency service branches all across the world to produce the exact products for their intensive requirements.

“We specifically create each emergency service slide to offer unrivalled performance where it counts.”


Key features:

  • A multitude of locking capabilities, including slide-and-tilt systems and locking handles.
  • High-quality, engineering-grade aluminium components
  • Advanced bespoke capabilities for customised systems
  • Outstanding durability for intensive emergency service applications


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