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Architectural hardware fittings based on ball bearing slides

Many of the latest trends in building design and the built environment require clever fittings to make them work, for example, organising space, concealing storage, sliding doors and security systems.

We offer a comprehensive range of hardware fittings based on the ball bearing sliding technology that Accuride is well known for.

We understand that architects, designers and fabricators all insist on ease of installation, functionality and safety when selecting hardware for their projects.

Here are some examples of how ball bearing slides can be used in these architectural applications.

Domestic and commercial sliding doors

Our selection of tracks with re-circulating ball carriages provide smooth and stable sliding door gear in both domestic and commercial situations. We can supply tracks, brackets, fascias and soft-close mechanisms for a variety of weights and sizes.

Street architecture

The most common (but not exclusive) use of telescopic slides in street furniture is in giving access to waste bins. Available in a range of corrosion resistant finishes, the slides come with features such as self-closing, push-to-open and locks. Bollards, barriers and screens can all be moved easily on telescopic or linear slides.

Concealed storage

The Accuride Flipper Door® slides have been used around the world for many years. Commonly known as pocket door slides, they have been used on everything from TV cabinets and presentation walls to wardrobes, and now, right on trend, to hide kitchens.

Flexible living areas

Interiors are now being designed to suit the way we want to live. Rooms have more than one purpose and we now prefer a highly flexible open living space that can be adapted to how a family's needs and wants change over time.

Electronic locks

Accuride has patented the first ever drawer slide with a fully integrated electronic lock. The lock can also be bought as a stand-alone product for use on cabinet doors and lockers.

These locks are stand-alone or IT compatible and work with any power source supplying the required DC voltage and current.

Ball bearing slides from stock or custom-made for large architectural projects

These products are all stock items, but we can also design bespoke fittings for large projects.

No-one can deny the importance of the physical environment – what we see and interact with everyday of our lives must have an impact on our wellbeing.

Accuride is interested in working with the industry to bring products to the market that will enhance people’s lives. We have the experience to develop products that will move, position and give access in many kinds of situations. Give your local Accuride sales manager a call to discuss your ideas.

GIF of a sliding door in a hospital opening to showcase its simplicity and ease.

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