Market sectors

Accuride extension slides, sometimes called telescopic, drawer or cabinet slides can be found in an amazing range of applications across many market sectors.

Traditionally, most people would think that drawers in filing cabinets or kitchens would be the only application for a drawer slide.

But, if you look around, you will see them in millions of applications as diverse as fire engines, ovens, server racks, ATMs, medical trolleys, industrial machinery and car interiors.

Really, their application potential is simply massive.


Market sectors

We can supply off-the-shelf drawer slides and linear motion slides from stock, or we can design or manufacture a custom slide specifically for your application.

Case studies...

Accuride friction guides halve riveting time

As part of a boiler assembly this customer needed to automate the riveting process. By mounting the riveting mechanism on friction guides, a single operator can install two rivets simultaneously. The...

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Accuride friction guides halve riveting time

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