Accuride launches 3D CAD service to reduce design time

Telescopic ball bearing slide designer and manufacturer Accuride International has launched a new service that will save product designers and engineers significant time when creating 3D CAD drawings that incorporate the company’s most popular products.

Creating  3D models of telescopic slides can take a significant amount of time to complete. To make the process much simpler, quicker and to help reduce the possibility of mistakes being made, Accuride has produced optimised 3D models of its ‘off-the-shelf’ products that can be downloaded via its website.

Accuride produces the world’s largest and most comprehensive range of off-the-shelf telescopic slides. They are built into many everyday products to provide access and movement, for example to open and close drawers or slide out shelves. The slides are used across a broad range of industries particularly in the automotive, domestic, industrial, furniture, IT and telecoms sectors.

Accuride’s 3D drawings have been optimised for ‘fit, form and function’ to make them easy for product designers to use and to keep the file size relatively small for downloading. The dimensional features most important for integrating a telescopic slide into a larger drawing have been retained and unnecessary information stripped out. Because the 3D images can be downloaded and integrated into larger drawings within minutes, designers can evaluate different telescopic slide products to optimise their designs. The 3D models can be downloaded in IGES format free at