Video guides

Accuride has compiled a series of short videos that will help in the selection, installation and identification of slides.

Telescopic ball bearing slides

9300 slides – for the heavier bear

The average grizzly bear weighs 272 kg -a perfect fit for the new 9300-E range

Stainless steel telescopic slides for harsh environments

Available from stock

Disconnect feature - 7957 heavy duty slide

Note the position of the ball retainer before re-inserting the inner member

Two-way travel slides

Woodworking drawer slide application by New Brit Workshop

This modern design TV or HiFi cabinet has four drawers using push to open drawer slides from Accuride.

Drawer slide with electronic lock

The mechanism is completely integrated into the slide for easy installation and operation.

Ladder strip mounting

Ideal for installing bayonet slides into wooden cabinets

5321EC / 5417EC

Soft close slide for heavy and wide drawers

DZ5343 Interlock slide (anti-tilt) with locking option

Load rating up to 100kg

How to remove (disconnect) a drawer slide from a drawer

3832TR and 3832HDTR push to open slide

Pushing on the drawer front opens the drawer – no need for handles or knobs

How does a self-close drawer slide work?

The self-close mechanism pulls the drawer closed and stops 'bounce back'.

Soft close slide for heavy and wide drawers


Full extension two-way travel slide from Accuride

Access the trolley drawer from both sides using Accuirde's 3630 100% extension two way travel slide. Cannot be used with a drawer front.

How does the locking lever work on Accuride's 9308 slide?

A latch on the front of the slide activates the locking features.

How does a soft-close drawer slide work?

Accuride 3832EC - soft close on last 45mm of closing cycle.

How does a detent hold-out feature work on a drawer slide?

The detent hold-out feature on this Accuride drawer slides keeps the slide open until extra force is applied.

How to add a clip-on bracket to an Accuride slide

The 633xx clip-on bracket gives bottom and platform mounting options for Accuride slides

Electronic enclosure slides

How to mount slides into an electronic enclosure using brackets

Optional brackets are available to simplify the mounting of slides in an electronics rack/enclosure.

Fitting 2907WB slides

The 2907WB features specially designed brackets and hole patterns that provide maximum installation flexibility in 1-4U applications.

Linear motion slides

Accuride 0116RC heavy duty linear motion guide

0116RC heavy-duty linear motion guide in a kitchen worktop

Linear motion friction guides

Accuride has developed three friction guides to be used on a hard anodised aluminium track

DA0116RC – linear motion track with recirculating ball carriage

The new heavy duty aluminium track comes in 2 lengths: 2.4m and 3.6m.

An Accuride slide with linear movement using a ball track

DP0115-ECRC – soft-close mechanism for DA0115RC

Slows down and controls opening/closing of the moving element

What fixing methods do you recommend for the recirculating ball carriage used with your linear motion track?

Each carriage has 2 x M5 studs and the two options illustrated show the use of a connector bolt and a Nyloc nut.

Linear motion track with recirculating ball carriage

The aluminium track comes in 2 lengths; 1.2 and 2.4m, which can be cut to the required length and fixing holes drilled as needed.

Pocket door slides

How to install the 1316/1319 pocket door slide

For doors weighing up to 25kg and up 2300mm tall.

How to install the 1321 pocket door slide

Full overlay on 19.1mm side panels. This version also comes complete with all hinges and fittings.

How to install an Accuride 1432 pocket door slide

The 1432 pocket door slide takes vertically mounted doors weighing up to a massive 34kg. It features a unique anti racking cable system and can mount doors between 914mm and 2300mm tall.

How to install an Accuride 1234 pocket door slide

The 1234 pocket door slide installs in 4 easy steps. Ideal for doors up to 1100mm tall and weighing up to 14kg.

Media access products

EGASET-007 Keyboard arm with keyboard clamp

Push to open and close mechanical lift, no electrical power required.

How do you strap a CPU into an Accuride CPU holder?

How does the Accuride CPU holder with swivel work?

How do you adjust the tilt and height of the ASET-0017 keyboard arm and tray?


Accuride's European directors explain how we have become a world class supplier of telescopic slides and sliding systems

Sliding systems used in car interiors

Accuride sliding systems are designed into cars to maximise driver and passenger comfort.

Sliding door hardware

Additional parts can be bought to turn the DA0116RC into a sliding door hardware kit for wall/side mounting. This has been designed specifically for large heavy doors requiring a minimum effort to operate

Electronic door lock

This is a stand-alone electronic lock that may be used to secure doors and other openings

How to reduce the force required to push the locking button on the DBHAND handle kit

It is easy to remove one of the springs to reduce the push force

How to fit Accuride's locking handle kit, DBHAND

A rugged double handle kit with lock-in. A lock-out conversion kit is a simple and cost-effective add-on.

DBHAND - locking handle kit

This rugged double handle kit is simple and fast to install and can be used alone or with Accuride slides of 17.5mm thickness and above.

Slide with tilt down drawer system

The system is easy to fit and fully adjustable with the drawer in place. The tilt can also be varied by the installer depending on the height of the drawer.

Accuride designs linear and telescopic ball bearing slides for use in all market sectors

Watch more applications for telescopic and linear slides here