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Download datasheets and installation guides for our stock drawer slides.

Product Reference Data sheet Installation guide
0115-BRKT: Mounting bracket for sliding doors
0115RS: Linear motion ball bearing slide
0201: Part extension industrial slide
0204: Electronic enclosure part extension slide
0301: Low profile electronic enclosure slide
0305: Electronic enclosure slide with lock-out and disconnect
0522: Heavy duty telescopic slide with shock blocks
1234: Pocket door slide
1312: Pocket door sliding system
1312: Linear motion slide
1316: Pocket door sliding system
1319: Pocket door sliding system
1321: Pocket door slide for full overlay
1432: Pocket door sliding system for tall doors
2002: Two-way travel (double extension) drawer slide with mounting tabs
2026: Two-way travel drawer slide (double extension)
2109: Keyboard slide with brackets
2132: Part extension drawer runner
2132DO: Part extension drawer slide with hold-out
23090221: VESA bracket with tilt
23090421: VESA bracket (no tilt)
23090621: Additional weight pack: DBLIFT-0019
23090821: Weight extension plate kit: DBLIFT-0019
2415: Ball bearing linear motion slide
2421: Light duty telescopic slide with low profile
2431: Light duty full extension slide with low profile
2601: Low profile drawer slide
2642: Telescopic slide with groove mounting option
2731CL: Light duty slide with lock-in
2907: Electronic enclosure slide for 19" racks
3301: Electronic enclosure slide
3301-60: Slide with brackets on drawer member
3307: Over extension telescopic slide with lock-out
3308: Over extension locking telescopic slide
3320-50: Slide with bayonet mounting
3507: Heavy duty slide with lock-out and disconnect
3607: Heavy duty telescopic slide
3630: Two-way travel slide with full extension
3657: Heavy duty slide for wide drawers, plus disconnect
3732: Full extension telescopic drawer slide
3832: Full extension cabinet drawer slide
3832DO: Full extension slide with hold-out
3832EC-B: Soft close drawer slide
3832HDSC: Self-closing telescopic slide
3832HDTR: Heavy duty push to open drawer slide
3832SC: Self-close drawer slide
3832TR: Push to open drawer slide
5321: Full extension heavy duty slide
5321-60: Heavy duty drawer slide with bracket
5321EC: Soft close slide for wide drawers
5321SC: Self-close heavy duty slide
5343: Interlock drawer slide (anti-tilt) with locking option
5344: Optional companion slide for 5343 interlock slide
5417: Over extension telescopic slide
5417: Over extension telescopic slide
5417EC: Soft close, medium duty full extension slide
5517-50: Slide with bayonet mounting
5517-60: Slide with brackets on drawer member
6026: Heavy duty two-way travel slide
63374-4: Enclosure mounting bracket kit
633xx: Clip-on bracket for 2109, 2132, 3732 and 3832 series slides
63450-4: Enclosure mounting bracket kit
63460-4: Enclosure mounting bracket kit
63480-4: Enclosure mounting bracket kit
63485-4: Enclosure mounting bracket kit
634xx: Platform bracket kit for 9301/9308/7957
635xx: Platform bracket kit for 5321/5321EC
65490-4: Enclosure mounting bracket kit
7400-50SC: Self-close slide with bayonet mounting
7957: Heavy duty slide for wide drawers, plus disconnect
81020590: Hinge carrier strip kit for 1432 pocket door slide
81020690: 35mm hinge kit for inset doors
81020790: 40mm hinge kit for overlay doors
81020890: 40mm hinge kit for thick inset doors
9301: Full extension extra heavy duty slide
9308: Extra heavy duty locking slide
CBERGO-TRAY200: Pull-out keyboard tray on part extension slides
CBERGO-TRAY300: Pull-out keyboard tray on full extension slides
CC11-AD: Cable carrier
CC5AD: Cable carrier
DA0115RC: Linear motion track with recirculating ball carriage
DA0115-STOPRC: End stops for linear track - DA0115RC
DA0116-ECAPRC-2: Fascia end caps
DA0116-FASCRC: Aluminium fascia
DA0116RC: Heavy duty linear motion guide in aluminium
DA0116-STOPRC: End stops for linear track - DA0116RC
DA0116-SUPPRC: 3.6m support beam
DA4120: Aluminium part extension slide
DA4140: Aluminium, extra heavy duty full extension slide
DA4160: Aluminium, heavy duty full extension slide
DA4190: Slide and tilt drawer system
DA5321: Aluminium telescopic slide
DB65050-1: Drawer locking kit
DBHAND: Locking handle kit for rugged drawer applications
DBHANL: Locking handle kit
DFG115-CASSAA: Linear motion friction guide: automatic adjust
DFG115-CASSMA: Linear motion friction guide: manual adjust
DFG115-CASSNA: Linear motion friction guide: non-adjust
DH3832: Corrosion resistant telescopic slide
DP0115-CASSRC: Recirculating ball carriage
DP0115-ECRC: Soft-close mechanism
DP0116-CASSRC: Recirculating ball carriage (polymer balls)
DP0116-ECRC: Damper mechanism for DA0116RC
DP9301: Corrosion resistant, heavy duty slide
DS0115-CASSRC: Recirculating ball carriage
DS0115RC: Stainless steel linear motion track with recirculating ball carriage
DS0115-STOPRC: End stops for linear slide DS0115RC
DS0116-BRKT01RC: Recycling bracket
DS0116-BRKTRC: Sliding door hardware for large and heavy doors
DS0116-CASSRC: Recirculating ball carriage (stainless steel balls)
DS0305: Stainless steel slide with lock-out and disconnect
DS0330: Stainless steel full extension telescopic slide
DS2028: Stainless steel part extension telescopic slide
DS2728: Stainless steel part extension telescopic slide
DS3031: Stainless steel telescopic slide for high temperature applications
DS3557: Stainless steel slide with lock-out and front disconnect
DS5321: Heavy duty stainless steel telescopic slide
DS5322: Heavy duty stainless steel slide with over-extension
DSHAN3: Locking bars for DBHAND/DBHANL
DYHAN4-5: Lock-out conversion kit for DBHAND/DBHANL
DZ0115-DJIGRC: Drilling jig for DA0115RC
DZ61040: 2m profiled rod for 1316
DZ61050: 2.5m profiled rod for 1316
DZLADD: Ladder strip
EGCPUH-004: CPU holder
EGCPUH-005: CPU holder with swivel and glide track
EGCPUH-201: CPU holder
LIFT-0019: Push to open mechanical screen lift
TRAY-201BK: Keyboard tray

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