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DA4160 Aluminium, heavy duty full extension slide

The DA4160 heavy duty  telescopic slide delivers a huge 300kg load rating with full extension in light weight, corrosion resistant, aluminium.

This is a stock slide available off-the-shelf in 12 lengths from 300 to 1000mm.

Typical applications

This 100% extension slide delivers an effective movement solution where full access is needed. Developed within Accuride’s own engineering design centre in the UK, this slide combines a compact design, heavy load capability and the corrosion resistant materials ideal for many industries and applications.

  • Equipment and battery access
  • Access for maintenance and repair
  • Heavy duty storage and display
  • Rack mounted electronic components
  • Machine building

Technical specifications

  • Load rating up to 300kg (10,000 cycles)
  • 100% extension
  • 26.5mm slide thickness
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Material specification: Aluminium slide, stainless steel ball bearings and retainer
  • Stocked in 12 lengths, 300 – 1000mm
  • Vertical (side) mounting only

Testing for heavy duty slides

Accuride’s heavy duty slides are designed to deliver sustained and reliable performance. All our slides undergo stringent tests, including dynamic cycle testing, static overload and slam tests. The load rating is based on slides mounted 600mm apart, although these slides are suitable for wider applications – please ask your hardware supplier or Accuride for technical support.

End stops have been tested to 10 cycles, with the nominated loads, at 0.8m/s. Due to the heavy loads and types of applications that this slide has been designed for, we recommend that you test the slide in the intended application and provide additional end stops. We recommend that quality grease, rated for extreme pressure, is re-applied at 2,000 cycle intervals.

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