Push to open drawer slide from Accuride

For the sleek lines and un-cluttered look of modern interior design Accuride International has introduced a push to open slide (Touch Release) that allows drawers to be opened by pushing on the drawer front – no need for handles or knobs.

The 3832 Touch Release and  Heavy Duty Touch Release full extension telescopic slides hold drawers or rollout shelves in a closed position until activated by touch.

These products include a disconnect lever and Accuride’s signature cam drawer front adjustment; both features a must for easy installation. Designed to enhance either residential or commercial installations, the 3832TR is well suited to portable cabinets or equipment for medical and educational environments.

Push to open slides for handle-free drawers

Model 3832HDTR has a stronger hold-in force built for more demanding applications where the product is subject to movement. The Touch Release products eliminate the need for handles or knobs, providing the aesthetics of simple, clean drawer fronts, while offering a good solution for those who have difficulty grasping handles.

Handles can also be a dirt trap or bump or snag hazard, so removing them can increase the safety and cleanliness of environments. Both products are available in nine even lengths 300 – 700mm; the 3832TR in a choice of three finishes, clear zinc, black, and white and the 3832HDTR in clear zinc only.