DZ3135-ECUndermount Soft Close Slide DZ3135-EC

Our DZ3135-EC undermount soft close slide is capable of supporting load ratings of up to 45kg and is perfect for retail displays or hotel storage, where aesthetics are especially important.

The way our DZ3135-EC slide is mounted under the drawer means that the hardware is securely hidden from view.

Our DZ3135-EC undermount slide comes with soft close, disconnect and 100% extension features. For further information please see the product datasheet.

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The DZ3135-EC undermount soft close slide, the slide of choice for sound sensitive and sleek environments

Whether you need a slide for a set of gently closing drawers for a hotel room or an easy-to-access retail display unit, our DZ3135-EC undermount slide could be the right product.

Particularly well suited to retail display and domestic furniture market sectors, the DZ3135-EC has been a popular choice for environments where it is important to conceal the slide.

One of the main benefits of using an undermount slide is that the slide itself will be completely concealed underneath the drawer.

Additionally, as the slide is not mounted on the side of the drawer, this leaves more room for the drawer itself resulting in more storage space.

As well as this extra room for storage, the DZ3135-EC slide also has a full extension feature which gives the customer full and easy access to the back of the drawer.

The reliable soft-close feature allows the drawer to close slowly and softly, making the DZ3135-EC suitable for sound-sensitive environments like hospitals or hotels.

The soft-close feature also brings an extra peace of mind when it comes to choosing the right slide for domestic furniture, where small children could trap their fingers in drawers. Instead, the soft close function helps prevent the drawer slamming quickly shut, reducing this risk.

The soft-close feature also reduces the maintenance needed on the frame of the cabinet and the drawer itself. When a drawer is closed quickly and with force there is a risk of paint chipping or increased wear on the cabinet frame. Instead, the soft-close mechanism will slow the drawer down, reducing the amount of wear and tear on the application.

Despite all these features, easy and convenient installation is still an important part of this product. The disconnect levers, which are included with each slide, make it quick and easy to remove the drawer from the cabinet. Additionally, the three-way drawer adjustment feature allows the customer to find the right fit to the bottom of the drawer.

The zinc-plated slide is available for purchase with optional hardware kits and is compatible with box drawers with a thickness of between 12.7mm and 15.9mm.

For more information on measurements and tolerances, please see the product datasheet.

If you need a drawer slide which looks and sounds discreet then our DZ3135-EC undermount slide is the one for you.

Contact a member of our team if you have any questions or if you would like any further advice on the product.