DS3031Stainless Steel Telescopic Slide DS3031

Stainless steel telescopic slide DS3031 suitable for use in high temperature applications, food grade grease, upto 300°C with load rating upto 80kg, can be flat mounted & with 100% extension. Used in Food Industry
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High-grade stainless steel is often the material of choice for kitchen fixings due to its corrosion resistance, but the DS3031 is even more suited to the kitchen than most. With food-grade grease to keep the telescopic slide moving smoothly, this slide is suitable for use in ovens up to 300˚C without any adverse effect on the functionality of the hardware.

DS3031 is Full extension and has corrosion-resistant coating to protect against humidity or moisture. Safety is increased through the non-disconnect of this slide, assuring full stability through all movement.