DS0115-0120RCStainless Steel Linear Motion Track DS0115-0120RC

Stainless steel linear motion track DS0115-0120RC with six pre-fitted fixing studs, available to order in lengths of 1.2m. An essential component for the DS0115RC linear motion guide, with a load rating of up to 30kg.

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Stainless steel linear motion track for light duty applications

Corrosion resistant stainless steel track available in lengths of 1.2m, with the option for the customer to cut the track to length or butt multiple tracks together. The track comes with six pre-drilled M4 fixing studs, which then attach to a hole in the cabinet.

Designed as a part of our DS0115-RC linear motion guide, the track requires a minimum of one recirculating ball carriage with either stainless steel or polymer balls, which are sold separately. When used together the linear motion system is capable of supporting loads of up to 30kg.

For a slower and quieter closing, the 1.2m long stainless steel track can be used with our DP0115-ECRC soft close mechanism.

The linear track should be purchased with stainless steel DS0115-STOPRC end stops.

We do not recommended using the DS0115-RC linear motion guide for high torque applications.