DP0116-CASSRCRecirculating Ball Carriage (Polymer Balls) DP0116-CASSRC

Recirculating ball carriage DP0116-CASSRC using polymer ball bearings, suitable for heavy duty applications.

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Recirculating ball carriage DP0116-CASSRC, using polymer ball bearings for a quieter and smoother movement

The DP0116-CASSRC recirculating ball carriage adds smooth and quiet movement to our DA0116RC linear motion track. The use of polymer ball bearings results in a quieter movement and requires less frequent maintenance than our alternative stainless steel recirculating ball carriage. The DP0116-CASSRC carriage uses polymer ball bearings for a quieter movement, however for applications which require the maximum load rating of our DA0116RC linear guide we would recommend using the DS0116-CASSRC instead, which uses stainless steel ball bearings and can support heavier weights.

The purchase of a 2.4m long DA0116RC track requires a minimum of one recirculating ball carriage. The amount of carriages needed per track will vary depending on the application and load, please refer to the product datasheet for more information. Multiple carriages increase the stability and load capacity of the linear guide.

Suitable for use with heavy duty applications which also require a quiet movement, for example in sound sensitive environments like hospitals or the home.

Each carriage weighs 0.412kg and can operate in temperatures of between 10º & 40º C.