DZ5417Over Extension Telescopic Drawer Slide DZ5417

Over extension telescopic drawer slide DZ5417 that has a load rating upto 90kg, medium duty with a 100% extension, with a hold-in feature and slide thickness of 17.5mm. Ideal for industrial & wider drawers upto 1m
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Our DZ5417 model is designed with over-travel for drawers, shelves and storage bins that require full access, whether they’re in household kitchens, retail stores, and even business and medical offices. With a load rating of 90/100kg, these slides will support your medium-duty applications with ease.

The DZ5417 additionally features a hold-in mechanism, that prevents roll-out when the drawer is not in use. As the mechanism requires a small amount of force to open, it reduces the chance of accidental opening. Once the drawer is open, the over travel feature allows the entirety of the contents to be accessed.