DZ1312Linear Motion Slide DZ1312

The DZ1312 slide is sold in pairs and is suitable for both linear motion and pocket door applications.

DZ1312 Linear Motion Slide

Our DZ1312 linear motion slide has a load rating of up to 60kg and a slide thickness of 11.2mm, giving the slide a low profile. The hold-out feature at one end means that it is well suited for applications which require the slide to remain open for long periods of time, for example keyboard trays or medical research workstations.

DZ1312 Pocket Door Mechanism

When used as a pocket door system, our DZ1312 slide is our light duty pocket door option. As a pocket door slide it is suitable for inset doors and can support a load rating of up to 5.5kg and a door height of 900mm. Hinges, base plates and follower strip are not supplied. The slide is suitable for horizontal and vertical mounting however door supports are required when the slides are installed horizontally.

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Linear motion slide applications: DZ1312 linear motion slide

The DZ1312 linear motion slide is sold in pairs and is designed for use with either pocket doors or applications requiring a linear motion slide.

The DZ1312 linear motion slide is designed for vertical or horizontal mounting and can be used to support weights of up to 60kg.

Most slides are designed to be mounted vertically, however linear motion slides like the DZ1312 perform better than most when horizontally (flat) mounted as the moving member is supported on ball bearings at all times.

When flat mounted, our 1312 linear motion slide can support weights of up to 60kg and if vertically mounted the slide can support a load of up to 50kg.

The slide has a hold-out feature at one end, making it well-suited to commercial applications which experience frequent use. It is also ideal for use with keyboard trays or other applications which need the slide to remain firmly in the extended position whilst in use.

Pocket door applications: The DZ1312 pocket door sliding system

Pocket doors are a practical and fashionable way of saving space and creating a contemporary look within both commercial and residential environments. Our DZ1312 pocket door system allows the door to slide smoothly back into the cabinet when opened, unlike traditional cabinet doors which protrude out and take up much more space.

Our DZ1312 pocket door slide is a popular choice for kitchen cabinet pocket door hardware or lighter pocket door applications.

As our light-duty pocket door option, the 1312 pocket door mechanism can support a maximum door weight of 5.5kg and a door height of up to 900mm.

Our pocket door slides are designed to be vertically mounted, and this is the best way to support the weight of the door. However our 1312 slide can be horizontally (flat) mounted from the top of the cabinet. We would not recommend flat mounting the pocket door from the bottom of the cabinet as this will not sufficiently support the weight of the door when opened.

If you would like to flat mount our 1312 pocket door slide, please contact us and a member of our helpful team will be able to recommend the best solution, for example by using a larger roller to support the weight of the door.

The slide’s low profile makes it particularly suitable for pocket door applications and it is recommended for use with inset doors, which sit flush with the face of the cabinet door when closed.

Although cabinets with inset doors will provide a slightly smaller storage space, they are still a popular option because of their smooth, clean finished appearance.

Please see the product data sheet for more information.