DA0116RCExtra Heavy Duty Linear Motion Guide in Aluminium DA0116-RC

Our extra heavy-duty 0116RC linear motion track provides an ease of motion to moving cranes, large sliding walls, screens, very large doors and so much more. Available in lengths of 2.4m, this aluminium linear guide rail can support loads of up to 600kg.

The purchase of a 2.4m long DA0116RC track requires a minimum of one recirculating ball carriage with either stainless steel or polymer balls, with the polymer ball bearings being the quieter option which requires less frequent maintenance and the stainless steel ball bearings as the recommended option to support heavier load ratings.

The use of end stops will also require the purchase of recycling brackets.

Extra Heavy-Duty 0116RC Linear Motion Track

Our 0116RC linear motion track can support loads of up to 600kg, making it relatively easy to move extra heavy-duty applications like gantry lifting cranes or large sliding walls.

However, please refer to the product datasheet to see how the way the track is mounted and the amount of cassettes used will influence the load rating of the product.

Available to buy in lengths of 2.4m, with the option for the customer to cut the track to length and drill mounting holes where necessary.

For aesthetics, there is the option to order a coloured anodised version of the aluminium linear guide rail, with twelve different anodised coloured finishes including green, blue, gold, purple, black and orange. This will be at an extra cost and should be for minimum order quantity only. If you would like more information, please contact us directly.

Sliding Doors

When side mounted, which is the recommended orientation for doors, the heavy-duty sliding rail system can support weights of up to 600kg.

The track’s low push force makes it particularly easy to move heavy doors, which helps meet important industry standards like BS EN 1527:2019.

Our 0116 heavy-duty sliding door track is a much sturdier and safer option compared to other alternatives due to its metal on metal overlap, which ensures that the carriages will always remain securely within the rail. This is an important safety feature as if the door were to be overloaded and were to break the carriage will remain in place, preventing the door from falling on anyone.

Extra heavy-duty applications

For heavy-duty applications, we recommend either flat mounting the track or fitting it in an underhung orientation, which will allow the product to support load ratings of up to 600kg.

This heavy-duty linear rail system is capable of supporting even heavier applications when used with two rails doubled up next to each other and three carriages per track, ensuring that the weight is evenly distributed.

Each of our linear motion guides are tested to 100km, however, when used with a lighter load they will be able to travel further than this. Contact us to find out more and one of our sales representatives will be able to calculate this for you.

For more information on our heavy-duty linear motion track, please refer to the product datasheet or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.