Pivot door slides for full size doors


Accuride pocket door hardware uses advanced ball bearing and linear motion slide technology to allow the door to disappear into the cabinet once opened, making our pocket door systems a popular space-saving alternative to traditional cabinet doors or sliding doors.

If you need full easy-access and an unrestricted view of the cabinet’s contents, without the doors taking up space, then a pocket door is the best type of door for your application.

To decide which pocket door mechanism is best for your application, you will need to know your door’s height, width and thickness. If you need advice on which pocket door mechanism is suitable for your application, or are unsure of which of our other Accuride products to use in conjunction with it, contact us directly by email or by using the chat function in the bottom right of the screen.

Accuride 1234 sliding cabinet door hardware

The classic cabinet pocket door hardware

The 1234 slide is one of our most popular pocket door mechanisms, with an easy three-step installation process. Suitable for use in the home, this classic cabinet pocket door hardware is suitable for kitchen cabinets or furniture with a partial overlay and a maximum door weight of 14kg.

The light-duty pocket door mechanism

With a maximum door weight of 5.5kg, the 1312 is our light duty pocket door slide, offering both vertical and horizontal mounting options. Suitable for smaller inset pocket doors, with a height of up to 900mm.

1316-1319 pocket door hardware

Pocket door hardware for wider doors

If your door is up to 1200mm wide then this is the right pocket door hardware for you. The best option for wider doors, our 1319 pocket door track can support doors weighing up to 5.5kg, with a maximum height of 700mm. However, when used with the Accuride DZ1316 pocket door sequencing accessory, the 1319 pocket door kit can support a maximum door weight of 25kg and door height of up to 2300mm.

The full overlay pocket door system

If you need pocket doors with a full overlay, then the 1321 pocket door system is the best choice. This pocket door slide is also suitable for inset doors, and will support doors of up to 14kg in weight. It is a popular choice due to its auto-open mechanism which pushes the door open the last 32mm of travel for ease of motion.

Pocket sliding door mechanism for tall doors

Heavy duty pocket door hardware for tall doors

If you are looking for heavy duty pocket door hardware which can support a door weight of up to 34kg, then our 1432 pocket door slide is the best option for you. Suitable for tall and heavy doors, this quiet pocket door hardware has a synchronized cable system which eliminates the risk of racking, resulting in a quiet pocket door movement.

Hiding a TV behind slide and pivot doors

Pocket doors are a popular way to conceal TVs, drinks cabinets or washing machines when not in use, adding another dimension to small living spaces.

Exploit Space came to us looking for a ‘slide and pivot door system’ to conceal a large flat screen TV, and our helpful Customer Experience team recommended our 1432 pocket door mechanism for tall doors, along with our 0115 linear motion track to slide the TV forward once the pocket doors were open.