DA0115RCLinear Motion Track with Recirculating Ball Carriage DA0115-RC

The DA0115-RC aluminium linear motion track with recirculating ball carriages can support light duty applications with a load rating of up to 130kg, making it suitable for cabinet doors, machinery and multiple movement applications.

As an alternative to aluminium, the track is also available to purchase in stainless steel, however the stainless steel track is only suitable for light duty applications weighing up to 30kg.

DA0115-RC Linear Motion Track with Recirculating Ball Carriages

The endlessly versatile DA0115-RC linear motion guide provides seamless movement and limitless possibilities whilst being lightweight. Resistant to dirt and dust, this system will provide reliable guidance to cabinet doors, screens, sliding racks, panels and assembly lines.

The DA0115-RC linear motion guide can be mounted in multiple orientations, including side and flat mounting. However, please refer to the product datasheet for more information on how the orientation and amount of carriages used will influence the product’s load rating.

Unlike ball bearing slides, the DA0115-RC linear motion guide can be mounted to travel vertically whilst keeping the recirculating ball carriage securely fixed within the track. This makes the linear motion guide especially well suited for use in applications like vending machines, which require it to safely support a load whilst vertically mounted.

For this product the customer will need to purchase a linear motion track, end stops and at least one recirculating ball carriage.

Linear Motion track

The DA0115-RC linear motion guide is available to purchase with either a 1.2m or 2.4m long aluminium track, available with or without fixing holes. As an alternative to aluminium, the track is also available to purchase in stainless steel. The aluminium version can support higher load ratings of up to 130kg and is made of a much lighter material, whereas the corrosion-resistant stainless steel track is suitable for light duty applications weighing up to 30kg.

The customer can cut the track to length or purchase multiple tracks and butt them together end to end, making it possible to adapt the track length to meet a project’s requirements. This adaptability makes the DA0115-RC linear motion track extremely flexible and cost effective, and a popular choice for innovative applications like medical vending machines, cabinet doors and sliding displays in art galleries.

Recirculating ball carriage

The purchase of one track will require a minimum of one recirculating ball carriage with either stainless steel or polymer balls. Polymer ball bearings (recirculating ball carriage DP0115-CASSRC) are the quieter option, which will require less frequent maintenance, whereas stainless steel ball bearings (recirculating ball carriage DS0115-CASSRC) are stronger, and are the recommended option to support applications with higher load ratings.

End stops

End stops are available in either stainless steel (DS0115-STOPRC) or aluminium (DA0115-STOPRC).

Depending on the intended application, the customer may want to purchase the following additional products for their 0115RC linear motion guide:

Soft-close mechanism

The DP0115-ECRC soft-close mechanism will slow down and control the closing of the linear guide and also hold the guide in the closed position.

Cabinet door mounting bracket

For small sliding door applications, we recommend using the 0115RC linear guide with the DZ0115-BRKT mounting brackets