Tough and smooth- the DA4160 aluminium slide demonstrates its power

The container is shown mounted on Accuride aluminium full extension slides.
Having already specified and installed Accuride’s DA4160 aluminium telescopic slide three years previously, this customer had absolute confidence that this product would perform well in the demanding environment of a power station.

A container of special liquids weighing 120kg needed to be mounted on a moving frame. With an operating width of 500mm the sliding system needed to be both reliable and smooth moving to eliminate any vibration.

The DA4160 is a full extension slide that can carry loads of up to 300kg. The aluminium slide has stainless steel ball bearings and retainers making it fully corrosion resistant.

The slides were sold through Accuride’s distributor in the Czech Republic, Arcus Engineering. Having local representation by well qualified engineers is an important part of Accuride’s global service offering. Arcus was able to support the customer and supply slides from stock; both invaluable support for the end user.

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