Mounting Accuride Drawer Slides for Maximum Performance and Efficiency

    Here at Accuride, we have slides suitable for both vertical and horizontal mounting. Vertical mounting (also known as side mounting) refers to when the drawer slide is installed at the side of the unit, while horizontal (or flat) mounting involves the slide is fitted to the base of the drawer unit.

    An Accuride Introduction to Telescopic and Linear slides

    Peter Baxter,European sales director, distribution channel

    Part extension slides are designed with 2 rail members and can extend to 75% of the closed length, whereas full extension slides have 3 rail members and can extend to 100%. This additional extension (or travel) gives the advantage of more access.


    Ask our slide experts about your telescopic or linear slide problem

    We presume that you need a full extension slide so that you have full access to the drawer. Both the 5321 and 9300 series slides are sold in long lengths. We also stock some very heavy duty aluminium slides, but we feel that these may be too large for this type of project.


    Drawer slides – DIY projects for your own home

    We think that this is really cool; they obviously like our products well enough to bring them into their own homes. This is a pretty good endorsement for Accuride drawer slides.

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    Drone Technology and Applications

    Helle Kinning,EMEA Marketing Manager

    While the drone industry appears to have only really taken off in the last two decades, its roots date back to the early 1900s when the US and France worked on developing automatic, unmanned airplanes. Since then, drones have become incredibly advanced robotic creations used in a wide range of industries and markets, from military defence to agricultural maintenance, and research to recreational photography and film making. The current market, including military UAV uses, is now estimated to be worth €17.51billion ($20.71billion)


    Electrically opened centre console storage - a new level of luxury in cars

    Philipp Krebs,Project Business Development Manager

    One of Accuride's most recent customer projects, which went into series production, was the development of an electrically operated sliding armrest for a luxury vehicle. As well as the ergonomic functionality, the armrest also serves as a small storage compartment that is easy to reach by both the driver and passenger.


    Hiding a kitchen behind sliding doors is simple.

    It has been designed for doors up to 2.3m tall and up to 34kg in weight and the anti-racking cable system synchronises the top and bottom slides so that doors open evenly. The cable system is very simple to install and prevents any door sag, keeping them parallel with the cabinet.


    Pyrolytic Ovens: A Care at Home Solution?

    Helle Kinning,EMEA Marketing Manager

    Though these ovens have been marketed extensively, it would seem the focus has landed on busy professionals and parents in order to free up their valuable time by letting the oven clean itself. There are other markets, however, that may benefit greatly from this technology: the elderly and the disabled.

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    New challenges

    Helle Kinning,EMEA Marketing Manager

    This change challenged a new person to fill this interesting and demanding role to support our European Distribution network.

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    The importance of retail store design in an e-commerce world

    The number of consumers heading to e-commerce sites to buy their products has risen significantly over the past few years. This has put additional strain on the high street stores who are struggling to encourage their customers through the door to buy.