Hiding a kitchen behind sliding doors is simple.

1432 pocket door slide for tall doors

I’m designing a kitchen in a studio flat and want to hide the kitchen behind tall doors. Any suggestions on the type of sliding door hardware I can use?

Using tall sliding doors in kitchen installations is becoming very popular and the Accuride 1432 pocket door slide will do this job very nicely.

It has been designed for doors up to 2.3m tall and up to 34kg in weight and the anti-racking cable system synchronises the top and bottom slides so that doors open evenly. The cable system is very simple to install and prevents any door sag, keeping them parallel with the cabinet.

Accuride’s pocket door slides allow an opened door to be retracted back inside the cupboard space into a ‘pocket’ created by the side wall of the cabinet and an optional parallel internal panel.


The pocket conceals the door, maximises access to the cabinet interior and at the same time minimises the obstructive nature of conventionally opening doors. Read more about how the 1432 pocket door slide can be used - this time in a TV and display cabinet. Go to the web page to download the 1432 datasheet, the hinge recommendations and drawings. If you need further help please contact us by emailing or call your local Accuride office.