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Slide & Tilt System

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Slide and Tilt Drawer System DA4190
    Slide & Tilt System


    For applications at or above shoulder height, our slide and tilt systems are specifically designed to provide a full view and easy access to drawer and shelf contents in a safe and reliable manner, offering a range of lengths and custom tilt angles to ensure the best functionality for your application.

    Thanks to a corrosion-resistant aluminium track and innovative dampening bumper wheels, our slide and tilt systems have a full range of smooth and quiet movement, even when fully loaded, for loads up to 65kg. From emergency vehicles and medical drawers to retail displays and home storage solutions, slide and tilt systems are the perfect solution for all manner of hard to reach industrial and domestic medium-duty applications.

    For increased safety and efficiency, our slide and tilt systems are also suitable for use with our DBHAND-2 locking handle kit. This ensures drawers are locked into place until purposely opened and is ideal for use in mobile applications within vehicles. They are also adjustable from the front, even when the drawer is in place.

    At Accuride, the safety of our customers and their product is paramount, which is why all of our products are rigorously tested using the latest state-of-the-art technologies. Our designers and engineers are always producing new and advanced systems to provide the best solutions for all manner of specifications.

    At Accuride, we go above and beyond, and with our slide and tilt systems, your applications can too. Browse our products below to find out more or get in touch with our expert engineers to discuss your project requirements – we’re always happy to help.

    Can’t find what you’re looking for? We offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service to provide custom linear motion and telescopic slides developed just for your application, including slide and tilt systems. Contact us today to learn more.