Vending & Cash Handling

Vending & Cash Handling

Accuride manufactures a range of linear guides and full extension slides, delivering effective options for the vending machine and cash handling markets. With a range of options available, Accuride can provide a powerful solution.

Accuride has the capabilities to produce a range of corrosion-resistant ball bearing slides, either off-the-shelf or manufactured to order. With extensive experience in the industry, we are able to partner with a number of different clients to create bespoke products which meet their precise requirements.

Our expertise allows us to produce ball bearing slides for food and drink dispensing equipment, vending machines, ATMs, money handling equipment, cash drawers, ticket machines and more. Each unit is installed with Accuride’s renowned slide technology, providing leading and safe performance in every product.

Accuride’s advanced slide technology uses recirculating ball carriages which offer unrivalled performance, delivering each client with smooth and effortless motion.

Key Vending & Cash Handling Features

  • Linear guides with recirculating ball carriages
  • Full extension
  • Disconnect, soft-close, self-close and touch-release
  • Corrosion resistance and food safe grease

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