As buildings are becoming more sophisticated, there is a demand for architects to make their structures more dynamic. In cities such as New York, London and Hong Kong where space is at a premium, designers are always searching for intelligent access solutions that can open up a world of possibilities.

Our telescopic slides and ball-bearing runners are increasingly being considered in the design phases in order to make better use of space or to smartly conceal certain areas. Our customers demand only the highest quality in architectural applications as they are often put to substantial use and need to carry heavy loads.

Domestic and Commercial Sliding Doors

We engineer and build our sliding door mechanisms with the highest quality to ensure they are capable of holding heavy weights and able to withstand tens of thousands of uses. For more adventurous and custom projects, we can create a bespoke solution that suits the client's needs. Our engineers are experienced in working with our clients to ensure that we create a solution that exceeds their expectations.

Sliding doors are also extremely useful for the disabled and elderly, which is why many of our door slides are used in hospitals and hospices. As we have designed our door slides to carry heavy doors, they can be fitted with no tracks on the floor. This makes them easy to navigate for wheelchair users and hospital beds, as well as removing a tripping hazard.

We aim to advise our customers on the process and we can supply all the parts needed, including tracks, brackets and soft-close mechanisms for a variety of weights and sizes.

Concealed Storage Slides

Clutter and small appliances can draw the attention away from stunning design and architecture. Concealed storage gives an option to aesthetically hide unwanted items in areas such as bathrooms or kitchens. For more commercial uses, our ball bearing slides are perfect for concealing screens and wires in a boardroom or to hide tools in a workshop or garage.

ccuride Flipper Door® slides allow the door or drawer to slide into the empty space inside, giving better access to the items inside as well as not restricting access to other compartments adjacent. This feature can also give better access for disabled users and the elderly who may find it easier to access multiple doors at the same time.

Flexible Living Areas

Modular living is becoming a way of life for many of the population living in large cities and capitals. Our ball bearing slides and runners offer the opportunity for architects to create spaces that can have multiple purposes.

Moving wall dividers on slides can separate a room into two spaces depending on the needs of the individual. In our blog post, we looked at the impact linear motion technology is having on small city centre spaces and the people living in them.

We are so excited to see how architects and interior designers are using their genius and knowledge of Accuride’s slides to come up with innovative solutions that mean metropolitans have access to much more space and get more for their money.

Electronic Locks

The next step in linear motion technology is electronic locking systems for drawers and doors. Access control adds a dynamic feature to anything from cabinets to cupboards and storage units. Our smart technology allows secure access for the intended user and ensures that the contents are stored safely and there is an ability to track who had access to each drawer.

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