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Accuride reserve the right to alter specifications without notice / Accuride se reserva el derecho de alterar las especificaciones sin aviso previo / Accuride si riserva il diritto di apportare modifiche senza ulteriore comunicazione

Slide selection

4. Side space

• The amount of space necessary to accommodate the thickness of the slide assembly

• For optimum performance allow between +0.2mm and +0.5mm over the nominal slide thickness,

e.g. for a 12.7mm slide, the side space allowance should be between 12.9mm and 13.2mm

• Precision slides cannot absorb large gap deviations between the cabinet and the drawer. The cabinet

and drawer must be square and parallel to each other for optimal working of the pair of slides

5. Determine any special features required

• Disconnect allows simple connect/disconnect from the slide assembly


– disconnect is achieved by releasing an internal lever and by pulling the drawer firmly through the resistance

of the ball retainer

Push latch

– a latch is pressed to release the drawer and disconnect is achieved by pulling the drawer firmly

through the resistance of the ball retainer

• Locks hold the slide either closed or open and a lever must be actuated to move the slide

• Hold-in and hold-out (DO) keeps the slide open or closed until extra force is applied

• Self close (SC) slides include a spring attachment designed to close the slide and prevent bounce back

• Dampened soft-close (EC) slows the closing action for a controlled and smooth operation

• Touch release (TR) slides open with pressure to the front of the slide.

• Mounting options, for example, bayonets and brackets

• Cam drawer adjust allows minute adjustment to the drawer front for easy alignment. Standard feature on 2132 and

3832 series slides

• Shock blocks are hardened steel pins that provide an interference fit between the slide members to minimize the

amplification of vibration and reduce the damaging effects of shock in the closed position. Available on slide 0522

as standard

• Standard feature suffixes:


SC – self close


HDSC – heavy duty self close


DO – hold out


TR – touch release


HDTR – heavy duty touch release


EC – easy close


RC – recirculating balls

Side space

Side thickness