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Accuride reserve the right to alter specifications without notice / Accuride se reserva el derecho de alterar las especificaciones sin aviso previo / Accuride si riserva il diritto di apportare modifiche senza ulteriore comunicazione

Slide selection

There are five stages in the selection of the most appropriate slide for your application.

1. Load rating

• Load ratings quoted are the maximum for a pair of side mounted slides installed 450mm apart, unless

otherwise stated

• Load ratings will change according to the length of the slide. See individual datasheets for details

• In general, wider drawers require a slide with a higher load rating and a cross section designed to withstand lateral

stress. Our technical department will be pleased to advise you

• See individual datasheets for details of cycle rates used for testing

• The measurements are taken between and at the midpoint of the drawer member and are given in kg

• Load ratings quoted are dynamic. Accuride® slides have a 100% static safety factor in the extended position

• Horizontally (flat) mounting the slides reduces the load capacity to at least 25% of the vertical (side) mount

capacity. Not all slide models can be used in flat mount applications

• Deflection of flat mounted slides will vary depending upon the application. We recommend prototyping to

determine that the deflection is within an acceptable range

• We advise clients to test slides in the intended application

• All fixing positions should be used to achieve maximum load rating

• Appropriate fixing materials must be used

• Mounting slides in different configurations will affect performance and load rating. See the illustrations below

Vertically mounted = 100% quoted load rating

Horizontally mounted = 25% quoted load rating