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DA0116RC – linear motion track with recirculating ball carriage

The new heavy duty aluminium track comes in 2 lengths: 2.4m and 3.6m. Carriages, with either stainless steel or polymer ball bearings, are added as required.

The customer cuts the tracks to length and drills fixing holes on the parallel lines marked.

The parts are sold separately to give the user maximum flexibility and include end stops, a damper and recycling bracket. The bracket should be used to protect the carriage in high impact applications and when the damper is used.

The damper cushions and decelerates the last 40mm of travel. End stops not required if damper is used.

We have tested this extensively and are confident that a minimum of 100,000m is achievable.

Sliding door hardware

Additional parts can be bought to turn the DA0116RC into a sliding door hardware kit for wall/side mounting. This has been designed specifically for large heavy doors requiring a minimum effort to operate; typically 20N to move a 180kg door.


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