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BSH honours Accuride China with an ‘Excellent Performance’ award

Every two years BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH awards its best suppliers for their services.

However, the purpose of the awards serves a longer term strategy of developing stronger relationships and for BSH to work together with its suppliers to increase competitiveness, quality and innovation on a global stage.

At a ceremony in October 2014 Accuride International Suzhou Co., Ltd received the 2012/13 award ‘for excellent performance in Quality – Reliability – Flexibility – Innovation – Price’.

For the first time BSH restricted the awards to just the winners in the 6 categories. Speaking at the official event at Lake Starnberg, Olivier Arlt, Head of Global Sourcing in the central purchasing division, explained, “This adjustment was necessary for various reasons. BSH’s major goals can only be achieved with outstanding suppliers that can carry along BSH’s strategy, and want to support it.”

Receiving the award on behalf of Accuride was Chao Huang, Vice President and General Manager at Accuride’s China plant, where the product was designed and manufactured. He was accompanied by Detlef Bender, Sales Manager at Accuride International GmbH.

Accuride China supplies BSH with a white E-coated telescopic slide to give full access to drawers in fridge-freezers. This slide has been developed especially for this particular application where both the cold and cleanliness need to be considered.


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