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Round up of Accuride's slide introductions in 2012

2012 went by so fast that we thought you would appreciate a reminder of the slides and related products that were added to our off-the-shelf range.

I am always amazed at just how many new ideas come out of our engineering design groups across the globe.

Many of these slides have already been sold into some very interesting applications. For more information, go online and read the case studies: www.accuride-europe.com

If you have an unusual application using Accuride slides, please let us know – we would love to publish your story.

Slide and tilt system for high bay storage

This system is ideal for harsh and tough applications such as on emergency services vehicles.

Locking handle kit

This rugged double handle kit is simple and fast to install and can be used alone or with Accuride slides of 17.5mm thickness and above.

Stainless steel slide for high temperatures

This new slide uses high temperature food-grade grease and has no plastic parts, making it suitable for applications with a maximum temperature of 300°C.

Stainless steel slide with lock-out

This slide is ideal for food, electronic enclosures, military, chemical storage, garages, locker rooms, marine applications; also for vending machine containers for easy removal of waste, etc. The lock-out feature makes the drawer stable and the front disconnect enables quick and effortless access for installation, repairs and cleaning.

Front interlock slide

This heavy duty slide is ideal for multi-drawer applications where it is important that only one drawer at a time can be opened. An optional lock is available.

Load ratings

We often revisit our existing slide range and retest them.

The DS0330 loads were upgraded and we retested the DA4120 and DA4140 at 5,000 cycles. The new load data has been added to the on-line datasheets for down load.

Happy New Year


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