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Sliding systems

Accuride’s product range continues to evolve with new bespoke sliding systems, making use of the expertise gained over many years manufacturing ball bearing telescopic slides.

What is interesting is how Accuride has moved away from just designing drawer slides.

Access, movement and positioning are the three main functions delivered by slides and the huge variations in design and applications have led Accuride to re-name them ‘sliding systems’.

Electronic Locking Hardware Components

And now Accuride has integrated an electronic lock into a telescopic slide; something no-one else has done.

If your project calls for slides, now you can economically add a locking function while reducing component costs and labour.

The lock is compatible with any Accuride slide with a side space of 12.7 mm or more. It can also be bought as a stand-alone electronic lock and as an off-the-shelf product.

Follow this link to read more about the electronic locks and watch how they work.

Bespoke sliding systems

A 6-page leaflet describing our custom design and manufacturing services for direct sale to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) also includes a quick reference guide to the standard slide profiles available. Reply by email to marketingeurope@accuride.com with your contact and address details to receive a copy (English or German language only).

Sliding systems download

Accuride can offer many fixing options, finishes, lengths and features to this range of slides.

Loads quoted relate to the maximum load for a pair of side mounted slides and will vary depending upon the application. We recommend that you consult with Accuride to determine the correct product for your project.

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Accuride self-closing slides used on mobile machinery base

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