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Case studies

Custom designed telescopic slides in refrigerated drawers

A major refrigeration company approached Accuride with a problem. They had already been using telescopic slides for the drawers but were using screws to attach the slides to the drawers and chassis.

This was awkward and time-consuming. Although the drawer itself weighs only 8kg, they can be loaded with an additional 45kg.

The telescopic slide needed to be robust enough to cope with the standard load rating, plus user abuse – the drawers are sometimes used as a stepladder!

Easy drawer removal for cleaning was also crucial, requiring a slide with over-travel to fully clear the drawer void.

Accuride was able to design and manufacture a heavy-duty slide, based on their 5321 profile, with over-extension and bayonet lancing fixing.

Telescopic slides with bayonet fixings

The addition of bayonet fixing has reduced assembly time for the manufacturer, which is an important factor in the selection of this solution. As well as the practical considerations, the slide also needed to offer the user a high quality experience.

The runners were approved after accelerated testing of drawer opening with operating loads.

These refrigerated drawer units can be found in many high-end restaurants, as well as in the fast-food sector, providing energy and space efficient refrigeration solutions.

01 / 03 Commercial refrigerator drawers, with the drawers opened on slides
02 / 03 Slides used in fridges for easy access
03 / 03 Freezer pull out drawers that are on slides to provide easy access and a more fluid motion of the drawers.