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Case studies

Clip on precision slide for oven

The OEM needed a telescopic slide that would be stable enough for a pull out oven shelf. The slide also had to withstand the heat expected in a domestic oven. The end user would also expect a smooth running shelf and a quick and easy removal and re-installation system for repositioning the shelf and for cleaning.

Accuride suggested a compact telescopic slide in stainless steel. In-house testing proved that the slide would continue to function in temperatures up to 400°C and that the food grade grease would stand up to expected cycle rates.

Easy to install presicion slide design for oven wires

The clever design of a ‘C’ bracket allowed the slide to clip very easily over the OEM’s existing wire configuration.

Accuride’s domestic appliances team is continuing to develop new clip on and welded slides, in both part and full extension versions, that will also operate in new oven technologies, such as pyrolytic and steam ovens.

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01 / 02 Clip on slide attaches the sliding oven shelf to the oven wires
02 / 02 Stainless steel telescopic slides give a smooth running oven shelf and a quick and easy removal and re-installation system