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Vend for yourself with IVM’s SavePro

Vending machines are arguably most well-known for supplying cold drinks and snacks in public areas such as shopping centres, sports halls and hospitals. Since the first modern vending machine was invented in the 1800s, these machines have provided the ideal solution for companies to dispense, and consumers to purchase, small, inexpensive items in a simple and efficient manner.

But why shouldn’t private companies make the most of the benefits of vending machine distribution? With IVM Sustainable Micrologistics, they can! From car manufacturers to medical facilities, IVM’s vending solutions provide companies in a wide range of industries with 24/7 availability of equipment, using a PIN code or entry card-operated system to track stock quantities at all times.

In today’s post-COVID-19 world, the need for contact-free product storage is crucial, especially in medical environments, and vending machines such as IVM’s SavePro can provide easy access to crucial equipment including PPE, medicine and single-use tools that are touched only by their user.

Whilst designing the SavePro, IVM needed a solution that would stop delicate objects from dropping straight from the shelves to the collection point at the bottom and potentially damaging these vital products. They therefore incorporated a mechanised shelf that could move up-and-down and side-to-side within the vending machine to reach the user’s chosen item, but they needed just the right slide to help make this happen.

When faced with this challenge, Biotek, an Accuride distributor of engineering solutions based in Hungary, recommended our DA0115RC linear motion slide and DS0115-CASSRC recirculating ball carriage for the job.

This linear track system provided IVM with a lightweight and corrosion-resistant movement solution that could be cut to the exact length required for the vending machine. Both the aluminium track and carriage are hygienic and resistant to dust and dirt to help keep equipment sanitary during storage. Thanks to our expert design and engineering teams, our slides provide smooth and quiet movement in a system that is durable and reliable for long-lasting, frequent use.


At Accuride, our bespoke and off-the-shelf slides have been used in a large variety of applications throughout the world and in several industries, including a vending machine designed for the sale of foil balloons. For more information about our telescopic and linear motions slides and to discover which slide is right for your next project, take a look at our product selection or get in touch today.

01 / 04 IVM vending machine with Accuride 0115RC linear slides
02 / 04 IVM vending machine with Accuride 0115RC linear slides
03 / 04 Illustrative photo of factory worker
04 / 04 IVM vending machine with Accuride 0115RC linear slides

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