Case studies

Stainless steel slides for vending machines

This vending machine manufacturer needed corrosion resistant components for access to the waste box.

This is a very special type of vending machine that actually juices the oranges for fresh drinks. The waste material from the juicing and cleaning process is discharged into a trash container lined with a plastic trash bag. The waste collection unit is capable of holding peels and pulp from a full load of oranges and waste water and has a capacity of 100 litres.

Accuride proposed mounting the stainless steel waste box on our 0330 full extension corrosion resistant slides.

Reliable performance from stainless steel slides

The slides allow extraction of the container for easy removal of the waste. These slides are also stainless steel and have a load rating up to 65kg tested over 80,000 cycles so will give reliable performance over the life of the machine.

01 / 02 view of 0330 full extension corrosion resistant slides on a white background.
02 / 02 front of orange juicer vending machine that uses 0330 full extension corrosion resistant slides.