Case studies

Drawer slide reliability: why Checkmark uses Accuride slides in their checkout counters since 1995

Based in Finland, Oy Checkmark Ltd is a leading manufacturer of
checkouts and checkout-area equipment and since 1993 has delivered more
than 25,000 checkout counters to retail stores across Northern Europe.

In 1995 Checkmark approached Carlo Casagrande in Finland to discuss how
telescopic drawer slides could be incorporated into the checkout
counter design. Important issues included ease of installation of the
slide during the manufacturing process and the reliability of the
product during use.

Carlo and Accuride were able to recommend a bayonet fixing to speed up
the slide installation and to set up a supply chain to ensure
uninterrupted shipments.

Accuride makes and ships the slides in bulk to Carlo in Finland who
then stores them to ensure at least a year's worth of stock is
available. Checkmark can then call off smaller batches as and when

The number of checkout counters and cash register systems, as well as
the need for storage, varies greatly. Ergonomic design and correct
placement improve the stores' customer service, and satisfaction and
efficiency among the staff. Ongoing maintenance of the counters to
ensure uninterrupted service is also important. A strong co-operation
with a local supplier such as Carlo Casagrande is key to maintaining
Checkmark's reputation in this market.

Flexibility of service coupled with the robust and reliable drawer
slide has made this particular partnership a strong and long lasting
one. Now, when Checkmark designs new counters the company automatically
comes to Carlo to discuss which of the huge range of Accuride slides
could be incorporated.