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Success is In The Pipeline for Accuride and GF Piping Systems

Piping systems are used in a variety of vital applications that affect our day to day lives. From drinking water to corrosive chemicals, these pipes are used to transport liquids and gases quickly and efficiently, but have you ever wondered how these pipes are made?

GF Piping Systems have been producing high-quality pipes since they were founded in Switzerland in 1802, and their products are now sold in over 100 countries. Having started out creating metal pipe systems, more than 60 years ago they modernised to plastic. These plastic pipes are low-cost and high-quality, thanks to better corrosion resistance and easier installation than their metal predecessors.

In order to create reliable pipes, reliable machinery is required. A number of the pipes produced by GFPS are produced using infrared fusion machines, including the IR-225 Plus and IR-315 Plus, in which different tubes are welded together using an infrared heat source. To ensure this machine operates as safely as possible, GFPS needed a high-quality slide that could move the heat source into place when in use, before being slid out of the way and behind the machine when not needed.

HA-CO, a distributor of motion systems such as slides, castors, and linear axes, were more than happy to help. Using their 40 years of experience, they recommended Accuride’s 5321 slide, a heavy-duty, over-travel slide with a load rating of up to 160kg. From this model, a bespoke 5320 slide was also made for their individual needs.

Both the 5320 and 5321 slides have 100%+ extension, meaning they could offer the wide range of motion needed for this application. They have a hold-in feature, ensuring the slides stay in place while the heat source is in use, and they can withstand temperatures up to 70°C making them perfect for these infrared machines.

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The slides in this application are mounted very close together, and there is not enough space for them to be installed using standard screws. While both slides are just 19.1mm thick, the 5320 also has six threaded inserts pressed into the outer member of the slide that makes assembly simple and easy; a feature designed specifically for this application.

01 / 03 GF Piping Systems infrared fusion machine
02 / 03 GF Piping Systems infrared fusion machine
03 / 03 Accuride 5321 heavy duty slide

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