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3D printing has revolutionised design and production processes across a multitude of markets, sectors and industries around the world, improving their efficiency and opening up doors to even more creative problem solving solutions. But what about the machines behind this explosion of innovation?

Builder 3D Printers B.V. have been manufacturing high-quality industrial 3D printers since 2013, with the aim to make large scale 3D printing affordable and accessible through their Builder Extreme range. One of the biggest large format printers on the market is available from this range; the Extreme 2000 PRO. With a maximum print volume of 700x700x1700mm (XYZ), the Extreme PRO 2000 is equipped with the elements that make 3D printing on a large scale worry-free, including filament detection, a BOFA air filter, a 7-inch touch display, a door-locking system and a UPS system that continues production after a power outage.

The Extreme PRO 2000 has an efficient design that allows for the incorporation of all its key features, such as the filament spools and the control box, without having to sacrifice the print volume. To access these integrated features in the closed housing, there had to be some sort of access solution. This is when Builder turned to Onkenhout B.V.

Onkenhout B.V. are the Dutch branch of the Onkenhout Group and have more than 50 years of experience in high-quality access and fastening solutions, making them the natural choice for Builder. With their high level of product knowledge, Onkenhout helped Builder to find the ideal solution for them.

The final choice for Builder 3D Printers was our DA5321 telescopic slide from the 5321 family. Made from aluminium, the 5321 is lightweight yet strong, with a load rating of up to 50kg, and has naturally high levels of corrosion resistance. The hold-in feature of this slide means that the internal features are kept safe until specifically accessed, which can be done by lightly pulling on the spool enclosure. With 100% extension, the 5321 also provides full access for engineers during maintenance procedures, reducing the risk of injury and making maintenance easier.

As champions of innovation and development, Accuride are always proud to be a part of products and projects like the Extreme PRO 2000. We enjoy being a part of industries as they grow and evolve, and 3D printing has definitely had an impact on more than just the manufacturing sector. In fact, we have used it ourselves in our own design and prototyping processes. 

If you are interested in working with Accuride or you would like to know how we can improve your next project, get in touch with us today and one of our friendly experts will be happy to help you.

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